The activity of Geological and Geotechnical Prospection is defined as a set of operations in order to study the composition and mechanical properties and deformability, among other properties, of the soil and substrate at sites involved in a particular engineering work.

This activity may be present in different phases of a project (preliminary study, preliminary draft, design, construction, operation and/or rehabilitation) and, except for some cases where it is considered sufficient a superficial recognition, and there are on site rock outcrops allow, it is usual to proceed to an in-depth exploration.

The techniques employed must be appropriate to the geological setting of the site concerned and the purpose of the study. These techniques apply under the guidelines of prospecting plan, which should define the exploration locals and the necessary sampling and in situ testing and/or laboratory testing indications.

Artur Peixoto Lda.

  • Mechanical prospection;
  • SPT tests;
  • DPSH tests;
  • Laboratory testing;
  • Surface recognition and characterization of slopes;
  • Geophysical survey;
  • Hydro-geological studies;
  • Technical advices.