Artur Peixoto, Lda has at its disposal a specialized team with the ability and experience to ensure the necessary technical assistance in geotechnical works, either in works executed from scratch as in the rehabilitation of existing structures.

The company has specialized manpower for carrying out geotechnical works and deep foundations.

Aware that the quality control is an aspect that is of great importance in geotechnical works where the uncertainties are an inescapable reality, Artur Peixoto, Lda, through partnerships with other companies, also acts in quality control at the site, minimizing the risks associated with the work performed.

We include in our services:

  • Excavation and retaining walls;
  • Deep foundations;
  • Soil treatment;
  • Slope stabilization;
  • Reinforcement and slabjacking of foundations and support structures;
  • Fa├žade support;
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of geotechnical works.